Engine rebiuld

hello rob i spoke to you before and ordered some parts from you for my gearbox i live on the isle of wight
i have 2 gto twin turbos
1st one is 1990 in silver which i use every day but the engine is smoking when deaccelerating in gear(think it is the rings) it does not smoke when you start it or on idle or when accelerating
2nd one is 1992 moon roof in black which i am using for parts as the engine is knocking
what i want is the engine from black one rebuilt to a good spec giving it above 500 horses it has lots of extra bits including s/steel manifolds and td04 turbos can u give me a rough estimate of doing the job also to include maft-pro kit and possibly want gearbox strengthening to cope with extra power please can you phone me on 07733102644 to discuss properly