Essex meet is tomorrow!

I have been waiting for Rob to post but have had to step in at the last moment as it doesnt look like he is going to! :lol:

Everyone gets there from about 7pm onwards, it’d be good to get a few people down as most ditch the meet when its rainy because their cars wash away in water or they must get lost on the 20 second walk to the pub- or something like that! :? :lol:

The venue and address for the Meet is as follows:
Haywain Beefeater
High Road,
Stanford Le Hope,
Essex SS17 9NR
Tel. 01268 554500
Fax. 01268 581752,0.46654164&loc=GB:51.55071:0.46654:16SS179NRSS179NR

Upon arriving at the Haywain please proceed to the very end of the access road and turn left, You will find everybody in this area of the car park where you will find loads of parking spaces.

Please be aware that there are speed bumps as you cross the car park.

Pete :slight_smile:

I’ll be down solong as BMW get the new wheel (as they said they would) for tomorrow, not holding out much hope though!!!


We are planning on going. But he is not allowed to overtake anyone.


As I thought BMW are ■■■■ and suprise suprise the wheel didn’t come in today on their feeder lorry :evil:

So won’t be down tonight,


poor showing dave- you missed out on someone other then the regulars being horrible to Rob :lol: :lol:

As with every essex meet ive just got in!

P.S everyone- here is a pic to prove I wasnt lying, I hadnt moved the wheels from last night :lol: Good job shes on holiday :lol:

Pete- the bathtub wheel cleaner