ETA on order

Hello guys, I’m new to the 3000GT/GTO world.
I’m Marco and I’m Italian, nice to meet you!

I would like to ask you the ETA of an order placed on EvilEmpire, I sent a couple of email just to know if the seller is still working but I didn’t receive any answer.
I already read here about making a call to the shop, but I guess my english is not very good.
Any other advice?


Hi Marco,

Welcome to the club - why not put a post in the newbie section telling us a bit about you and your car - of course we always like pictures :+1:

Regarding Evil empire performance Rob aka @GSXRKID and parts the lead time often depends on what you have ordered some things can take a while.



Hello there, sorry for the newbie mistake, sure I’ll do it right now.
Anyway I got a reply from him. Thanks a lot!

Yes we managed to chat by Email and i will get him the parts he needs for his service Marco wants to do in the next day or so

Just mega hectic here the whole Europe is ordering is loads of stuff to try and beat Brexit on the 1st of January