Eurospec Dyno Run Day

[size=24]February 15th is confirmed[/size]

[size=18]Cost will be £35[/size]

I’ll be arranging one of these as soon as Ben gives the nod that it’s all ready to rumble…

At the moment, just making sure the interest is there. So, who’s interested in signing up? - pricing and dates to follow, obviously, but expect a good deal!

Ok - interested people:

1 - Sonicattack ** confirmed **
2 - Permanent Grin ** confirmed **
3 - Silver Surfer ** confirmed **
4 - Fastbikes76 ** confirmed **
5 - TeamZombie ** confirmed **
6 - chazzyb ** confirmed **
7 - GTOBAZ ** confirmed ** No Show
8 - dare_you2002 ** confirmed **
9 - Tellyboy ** confirmed **
10 - spike ** confirmed **
11 - ** available **
12 - gforce k18gto ** confirmed **
13 - Doc Martin ** confirmed **
14 - Hurricane Force ** confirmed **
15 - Driverrob ** confirmed **

Reserve List:

Red or Dead

If you have to pull out / can’t make it, please let me know so that I can reallocate the place.

Lets get a date agreed and sort out the money bit ASAP.

im up for anoughter run want to compaire runs see if the dino i went on was ok… also wouldnt mind putting a tt plenum on and see the diff :slight_smile:

i should imagine i would come down, date depending as i work shifts


If the date is good I will certainly be there.
I’ll see if I can help Ben out with his request to go over the 1000bhp figure :wink:

hell yes…

Had very very bad experience with dyno’s once and have never been back on one since. Some fecking idiot managed to totally destroy my engine after revving PASSED red line while car was miss-firing like a ■■■■■■■ :shock: … his reply was to point at the standard sign ‘dyno’s at your own risk’ bullshite :x :x

Look forward to a decent day no doubt

nice to see the nemesis back :wink:

I’ll definitely be there, Ben struggles to keep me away from the place! :lol:

I haven’t done any performance mods to the car since it was last dyno’d, but what the hell!


P.S. See you in a few hours Ben! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes for me, date dependent.
With enought notice any date should be fine
(I should be able to get the car back together in time :lol: , although it’s not been stripped as of yet :lol: )

price and date depending.

Places will be limited to 15, and it won’t be very expensive. I’ll give me details as soon as I can. :slight_smile:

if i fix car in time and there still space i would be interested


Pencil me in. Time I found out what I’ve done to it. I’ve scared the living $hit out of Alex now because I said I wouldn’t ever do it.

very accurate avatar Elt :smiley:

Had a spare passport photo going so i thought i would post it as my avatar… I should have brushed my hair first though :oops:

:lol: :lol:

Yes I will be up for this.


I’d be up for this if I can get my car finished in time!

I’ll pull my finger out.

Depending on the date, i’ll be up for it


i want more!!!

id love to have a go at this , and lets face it if it blows up it will be at the right place to get it fixed :slight_smile:

yeah but not at the right price!!! :smiley:

Just kiddin Ben

[quote]yeah but not at the right price!!! :smiley:

Just kiddin Ben[/quote]

:lol: :lol: :lol: 8)

But if you want a Arabian Stallion, you need to give it the best hay! :lol:

The builders have been busy this week- cell is up to 4 blocks high now. Some of the portable fans have been delivered and the big mofos should be here late in the week. I’ll update the other thread with some piccies tomorrow.