Eurospec Team - My appreciation

Hello all and it is not often that I am ataken back by people’s kindness and support. I also appreciate I am not a very active member on this site due to my own circumstances but still passionate about owning a GTO and being a member.

Today I was shown such kindness and support from Ben and the team at Eurospec which would only cause embarassment to Ben if I shared and so I sharn’t.

My GTO has been in for a few tweaks and true to fashion of myself I ask for a few things to be done to which he always delivers but it’s the fact that whatever questions I ask and no matter how “silly” they may sound, the time is always made to answer them and I am without fail always welcomed at Eurospec.

As so to Ben - You have without question amazed me with support and I can’t thank you enough.

Mark, Graham, Stalks, Justin & Roman…- Thanks for always being so helpful and listening to me when I clearly still don’t understand my way around an engine bay.

So driving the GTO home today - biggest grins and pride and amazing how many people in their M3, Jaguar XKR’s and Porsches get the “heck” out of my way when I am coming down the road.

Three of my neigbours came out to view the GTO when I turned up and one commented it was like a piece of artwork looking into the engine bay.

My deepest gratitude to Europsec!

You’re welcome Marcus, anytime man!



It’ll be those wheels Marcus :wink: :lol:


It’ll be those wheels Marcus :wink: :lol:


Ben is a top bloke. He has been above and beyond the call for me in the past too. 8)


[quote]It’ll be those wheels Marcus :wink: :lol:


Hi Andre and its been a pleasure watching your car progress over the last few times I have popped down and my eyes sparkled when I saw the CE28N sitting there - so, so light and the wheels I have been after for years.

The car looks awesome mate and looking forward to seeing it motor on.

I watched my car on the dyno and so excited!!

Good stuff Marcus

Good to see its in prime health again.


I was very pleased Andre and Ben gave it push and so 21 more BHP than the last time - It is so smooth in its power delivery and the sound - yum yum!

That’s more like it Marcus… More horsepower makes sense !!!

Glad its back and running great Bud…

Cheers rob

Good stuff, get it up in the dyno garage mate.


posted Andre and nice to see it there :slight_smile: