Evening all!

I finally am financially stable enough to contemplate buying a GTO (I’ve wanted one for about 18 years). Luckily for me I don’t drive much (around 3k miles a year tops) so I can get away with something fun and fuel inefficient.

However I have 2 things that are holding me back! I need to part ex my current boring Kia ProCeed so it needs to be from a dealer, and all of them are a 4+ hour drive away and most importantly for anyone who owns an Automatic GTO (I have an auto only license), will a large-ish dog fit in the boot with the seats dropped?

Also after that wall of text, hello to you all!


I used to take my Rotti out in mine , best car he ever went out in tbh , normal cars he could see out of the windows and try and eat passing cyclists or pedestrians through the glass :joy: bless him


Perfect, I thought they’d fit! I’ve got a German Shepherd crossed with a Rottie so that’s good to know. Thanks for the info!

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Mine sits on passenger seat of everything not very legal but fun plus its great added security lol

U might be able to find someone on Facebook marketplace that would do a swap,

and I have a dalmatian who fits on the back seats but mostly in the front seat with his head out the window

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Excellent good to know Doggo will fit thanks everyone, it’s much appreciated! Facebook is a good shout Jason hadn’t thought of that. Just got to wait until one appears close enough that I can go visit it!

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