Events in 2016


have decieded to attend much more events and meets next year, not easy cos of me job and being stuck down her in gods country but i really will give it a go and i do have a fairly understandable misses ( love her :kiss: ) so hope to see you all in 2016 lol :sunglasses:


Looking forward to catching up with you again Andy.

We’ll be posting a 2016 Events List up on the forum soon Andy, some of the non GTOUK events will be date to be confirmed, but will provide most of them, or minimum give a ball park month of when it usually is.

@stevie is also printing a flyer of 2016 Events to send out with the Xmas cards, as up to date as it can be at the time, so members have a hard copy, for the office noticeboard, fridge, or pillow :laughing:

Just think it will help members and families to plan with a GTOUK Calendar of Events to hand.



Just to add a little to this:

If you hear about an event you think the club may be interested in, post it up in the events section and see if there are any interested parties.

I went to a couple this year that members have mentioned and had a great time. Not your typical Jap car events either.



I’m with you there Andy. My new years resolution is to attend more meets. As with you my job makes it very difficult. But I will learn to use the words “F***” and “OFF” more often!