Everything FOR SALE

Hey Guys
Unfortunatly my 3000gt went pop over the weekend :frowning:
so i am breaking her and selling everything so i can save up & buy a newer mk2 standard TT
the car im breaking is a MK1 3000GT in mk2 blue,
everything standard on the car is being sold except the engine, as i will rebuild it then sell it,
the car is being broken over the next couple of weeks
and anything that isnt sold will go in dreaded Ebay :frowning:
Have Spoken to EE & Fastbikes & these prices are what they said :slight_smile:

the performance parts are as follows:

13T Turbos & Fitting kit, done about 5000miles since refurb £450

AEM Wideband guage & sender £150

DNP Y-pipe £120

Blue goodridge hoses £50

Fidanza Flywheel £200

Maft Pro inc harness & Boost sol, mapped for these parts 427.9bhp 1.0bar £400

KV85 Magnecor leads £50

Exhaust system inc de-cats & new flexi £350

RC550cc Injectors £350 (sold)

SX Fuel reg inc guage £100

Walbro Fuel pump £50

Amber performance Dump valve inc fitting kit £50

5 spoke 18" dark grey wheels (pic uploaded soon) £350

Plus all the other stuff, 5 speed box, transfer box, rear diff etc…

Oh and ive just bought a brand new coil pack from EE that i need to pick up :slight_smile:

If you are interested please PM me thankyou

If there is not enough interest then the car will be sold with everything & a broken engine for £2500

i will not sell anything on the car if i dont think it is sutible

Most things can be posted, but the big heavy stuff will be collection

Many thanks


mike does the connection on the wideband sender have 4 pins on internal


Any news on the pictures of the wheels.


hey guys

very sorry but after much thought & speaking to EE & Fastbikes & minimal response from this post i
have decided to either fix her or sell her as a whole

it seems ive had nearly no posts or pm’s reguarding the parts for sale
strange :shock:


Mike the post was only up for 2 days , so response may be slow at the moment especially with the good weather , footie on tv etc .

Best of luck which ever route you go though , with whats on it ,it looks as though it would be a shame to part it out

Craig :slight_smile:


Can you put up some pics of the car, so everyone can see what the general condition is of what you are selling?


PM was sent, and replied to.