Evil Empire Release 2nd Generation 13T Turbos REDUCED PRICE

**The Evil Empire is proud to announce the release of the new 2nd generation 13T turbo’s. **

Yes we are the original suppliers of the infamous 13T Turbo conversion and again we have moved the game stakes higher…

As of today our 13t Turbo Kit is a direct bolt on replacement for the GTO TT and 3000GT Cars.

This kit no longer requires any modification to the OIL or WATER Pipes that previous kits have required. You can now use your existing pipe work, so enabling you to just unbolt your existing turbo’s and replace them with our New 2nd generation Kit.
The only modifacation will be to saw off the very end of the Rear Intercooler pipe to facilitate the insallation of a silicone elbow to join the pipe to the turbo as the exit of the turbo is different on the 13T Turbo to the 9B


The NEW price is £795.00 inc P&P + your old 9b’s returned back to us.

All gaskets and adaptors are included in the kit, you do not need to purchase anything at all to fit these Turbo’s.

Everything is included in the price and is as follows:


A set of fully modified and tested 13T Turbos
Any studs replaced that are damaged on the exhaust housings
Any threaded holes repaired on the exhaust housings
New Front Banjo and Exclusive to the Evil Empire the Oil Feed Adaptor for the rear turbo. This enables you to use the original Oil Feeds and makes the fitting of these EE13T Turbo’s easy.
Every single gasket required for reassembly along with the 90 degree silicone hose required for rear turbo. Hose is available in RED or BLUE
All Copper washers required for reassembly
(The gaskets and hose alone are worth nearly £100.00)

This is a complete and extensive Turbo Exchange kit, which we are sure you will agree, is now even better value for money.

These Turbo’s can be made to give a massive improvement to the cars performance, And have proven 400BHP capability from a basically STD car……but will need the correct supporting modifications to be fitted to the car as well to get the maximum from them.
We can advise you of what you need to have fitted and we can also supply all the required upgrade parts to you, which we keep in stock all the time.

A full fitting service is available based in the London area, at a superb deal through The Evil Empire

Give me a call on 01702-614469 for further details or drop me a E-mail and I will be happy to call you back to discuss your requirements or arrange for them to be fitted.

[email protected]

Cheers Rob

Hi Rob,
Looks good. But you might want to let people know how the rear IC pipe would fit on to the rear turbo?

Would they need to cut the flange off? No big job if they do…

Mark :wink:


Can you do these with reducing elbows for the IC pipes as the difference in size between the compressor housing outlet, and the IC hard pipe is a fair bit and looks pants once you squeeze it down to seal.


Both good points guys…

Yes you do have to cut of the end of the Rear intercooler pipe. I will amend the post above.

And although you cannot see it in the pic above the Elbow is now the correct size for the both ends it fits on.

Cheers Rob

Top man Rob, your a star :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi there Rob,

How long before you could deliver a pair of these turbo’s to me?

I have my turbo’s off the car now so can have them with you ASAP.
I also have a second pair of turbo’s that I could send you if you were interested in a deal on the price for the new ones?

Let me know


Give me a call


And we can then talk Turkey… :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Cheers Rob

Hi guys,

On your site you state you have a customers car at 527BHP with your 13T’s. What type of dyno do you have etc as there is some debate about what is the world record with 13T’s.



[quote]Hi guys,

On your site you state you have a customers car at 527BHP with your 13T’s. What type of dyno do you have etc as there is some debate about what is the world record with 13T’s.



Hi Joe

I thought that paragraph had been removed from the website as below it it quite clearly states about the 450+BHP from them.

That car was dynoed a long time ago and i cannot be sure that the figures are correct now we have better dyno’s such as the Dyno Dynamics System that prove reliable time after time figures…

However 13T’s will happily produce 20PSI all day long and i have been in cars that Produce 24PSI with 0 Knock…

We need to get some more people to finish their cars and get them set up and dyno’ed properly and then we can all see the results.

Cheers Rob