Evil Quick shift fitted!

I posted this in the gearbox section, but thought it was better here!

In a moment of madness on the phone to Rob I bought one of his quick shift conversions. It took be about 15 minutes to fit it and about 10 gearchanges to get used to it. I thought it was a bit of a gimmick really but its ■■■■■■ Brilliant! Very well made, it transforms the way you feel just driving it, the gear knob is now much lower (the gaiter is a bit compressed) which means it will not get in the way of the double din stereo/dvd screen when its fitted. Its a really good piece of kit, my gearbox isn’t bad (3rd can be a bit tricky) and this device won’t make your gearbox mend itself, BUT, for me, its made the accuracy of the throw much more precise and solid.
Thanks Rob, spot on!

PS - please stop calling me Mike !!!


1991 TT Silver, 19" Lenso Muse, Super dragger, dump valve, Apexi Turbo Timer, Evil Empire quick shift.

Audi UR Quattro

i’m getting very tempted…

Give in!

Wish I could have one. Stupid auto :cry:

Aidy, you need to do it…I thought I was being stupid by throwing £99 at something like that when I need to think about headlights, dash vents, door inserts etc…but the way you feel driving the car with this fitted…its just a vast improvement! Easy to fit becuase the way its made is so precission, I definately think its well worth it…
Now Id better get going before it gets dark!!!

i think for the moment i need to direct my resources at my brakes as the judder is giving me RSI when they get a bit tepid.
But after thats sorted…well i might just maybe.

Yeah … brakes are useful on these things, I wouldn’t suggest you do that, but I would recommend it when you can get the dosh together. It is discs problems you are having?

not entirely sure. When i bought the car they were crap , and warped, so i bought them black diamond things with preditor pads. Strangly they were 314mm discs even though its a 93 gto.

Anyway, for a while (weeks) they were ok but then they started to judder slightly, but only when they were hot. Now they judder incredulous amounts, even copiuous amounts, but still only when they are hot. When cold there is no judder at all.

It really is a frightning amount of judder and i must get it sorted, but working 7 days a week at mo so difficult to get any time available.

But will have to make time soon, at this rate


93 GTO’s had the Mk2 brakes :wink:

that clears up that one then. Saves me measuring the rear ones aswell as i wasn’t sure due to the front being the bigger ones.

I was going to buy Black Diamond discs until I was told they warp more than the Starship Enterprise by another member! I have the DBA discs on and the work great - and Rob keeps them in stock so you could save on postage by getting the quickshift at the same time :wink:

I think '93 had both Mk1 and Mk2 as it was the change over year.

You could even find a '94 or even a '95 with Mk1 brakes, if all your going by is registration date!


Going on VIN numbers, I think the revision from phase 1 Mk.1 to phase 2 Mk.1 happened around the 12,000 mark (i.e Z16A0012000). My late '92 registered phase 2 TT was Z16A00140XX if I remember correctly :slight_smile: .


be worth getting better pads try geting Ferodo’s from rob front and rear and while you order then order the quick shift! Winner all round :lol:

i’m going to try new pads to see if that is the problem. I dont belive the discs are warped as when cold, the braking is perfectly smooth. Even when i have run along the motoway abit after a country road run, they are back to normal, but not for very many uses before they judder like mad again. Currently running the preditor pads i got with the discs.


i’m the same at the moment with my red dot discs and pads. i believe its down to pads as they believe this also. I reckon ferodos will cure my problem! just getting the 300 odd quid :frowning: i’m running 5.1 fluid it has also be changed recently.