Evo Festival & Mod Uk 2018 Cadwell Park Aug 11th-12th 2018



Weekend entry is £15 per vehicle with up to 4 people and includes entry to the parades, Saturday night entertainment in the clubhouse and FREE camping.


On at the event.
Showtime, Parades, Sunday Startling Gathering, Track day, Mitsubishi V The World Sprint, Evo Jumble, Trade Stands & Displays, Mitsubishi Grand Tour, Photo Shoot, Dj Set & Free Camping.

The Grand Tour looks to be set up as it was at the Mitsubishi centenary event some of us attended.
A 3 stage event with some great driving roads for driver and Co driver to navigate with maps.
I have already contacted the organisers for the Tour to try and secure us some spaces for the club. I know this is a bit premature but it’s limited spaces and I know they will fill up fast.
I have had an email back and it’s looking good.
Anyone wanting to take part can apply themselves in the link above. I will continue correspondence with them and keep you all informed of any spaces I can get for us.

I also thought the photo shoot looked good value for money. £20 for a portfolio emailed to you.
Again this is book a slot, so if your interested hit the link above.

  1. Jensen


Very much up for the weekend.
I will not be asking to do tour, as there are better examples to show in the club.


I’m up for both days , I live 5 miles from Cadwell and I’m also a new member on here . Gives me a chance to talk gto , instead of boring the wife :joy:


Nothing wrong with your car @Marty_K.
Not many 100% perfect cars out there.
It would be nice to see some 3000gt/gto’s take part.
Organisers said priority will go to type and condition. At the end of the day they want to see a good mix of cars.
I aim to sort a few body work areas on mine beforehand but it will not be perfect.
I will apply and hopefully get a place, you should as well.


Anybody up for this one,im just up the road so will be going.

  1. Jensen
  2. @mr.mischief
  3. @fletch_plasterer1
  4. @Marty_K


The way Marty is going be only half a car going :wink:


Lol. Yeah, but the better half.


Be interested in a trip out




Have had a message from the organisers today to say this has been cancelled due to the main organiser having to have an operation.
We have asked them to keep us informed of any future dates.
Sorry guys.


Well at least they notified us


Shame was going to try and do this one.


o bugger
right on me doorstep too but obviously health comes first