Exaust for sale

hi ,i have single 4.5 inch exaust for sale included is down pipe adjustable noncat section if you have acat you dont need to use this part the rest is the catback section in very good condition would cost around £900 sounds orsum you can see it on my garage pics i now have mongoose twin ,witch is much quieter . offers please

uhhh… sick. post some pictures up of this exhaust. there’s no way i could afford it, but it seems to be right up my alley


I’ll start the bidding £200


you can have the exaust from catback for £200 , this part cost 550but i would rather sell the three sections tell you what £300 you got a deal you can see it on my car in gasage photos the exaust is off car now and ready to go. my new exaust dont sound as good . ps it also comes with a silencer bung easily attached in 2 mins although i never used it, has a deep ror.

now sold.