Exhaust s/s

Need a new exhaust for a GTO twin turbo including rear valve to open and shut who makes who manufactures Newbury

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Tell us a little about yourself and your car , the folks in here love car pictures too

Standard exhausts with the active motor in are few and far between and very expensive from the dealers

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Thx C tried & no longer made

Is there a reason you want to keep that feature ? A lot of the early cars with it long had given up the ghost as the active “Flap” had long since seized

I’m not sure if @GSXRKID can still get hold of them at the Evil Empire , it’s more of a gimmick tbh and a stainless exhaust would flow much better if built properly

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Thx, would have loved to have seen her in standard guise

You can still get aftermarket valves. Get a stainless steel exhaust made up and ask them to incorporate one.

That’s what I’m planning on doing with mine, use the standard switch but have an actuator so I can have loud, and not so loud (I don’t like quiet :joy:)

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Why turn it into a poodle when you can have a doberman all the time!:grin:

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I was also looking at these active baffles, open as the pressure builds

Now I’m up, I’d like to thank all the people who interacted in this topic, thx for your input, stay safe

My friend makes his own exhausts at the RAF base he lives at. Have a look on his youtube channel
Sure he did a new system for a noble on there what he had to put a open/close valve in as it was so loud :rofl: