Exhaust tip for sale

Hi All Happy new year , Has anybody got a second had standard exhaust tip they want to sell ? Iam missing one , Thanks Matt

Hi Matt

Make sure that the two U shaped brackets are still on the exhaust pipe that the Tip bolts too.

Its these two brackets that break off that is the reason why the tips disappear

Cheers Rob

Hi Robert

They have rotted off I am going to weld some more on



Give me a bit to have a look through my boxes? of spares, have eight of them somewhere :wink:

Terry :sunglasses:

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You hoarder. Lol


You have 8 of them ??

I bet he secretly snaps them off peoples cars so he can sell them back to them…lol


Thanks Terry

Hi Terry

Any chance you have found an exhaust tip ?



Will look this afternoon, I don’t need to find them, I know where they are :wink: couldn’t remember who I was looking for, soz 'bout that, get 'em in a bit :+1:
Terry :sunglasses:

Hi Terry Any news on an exhaust tip ?

sent you a pm probs a week ago @matttinsley 'sere on me box of spares :wink:

Terry :sunglasses:

Hi Terry

Sorry i can't find it ? 😕 last message I got was on the 10 Jan ,saying you were going to have a look ?

@matttinsley You would have got an email notification for a “private message” if not online at the time.
If not you can always find your private messages here: http://forum.gto.club/my/messages

Hi Matt, just a quick note to let you know your tip is on its way, have been ill for a few days so now I have been able to send it,


Terry :sunglasses:

@just_cool If you are openly selling your additional exhaust tips I would recommend creating a new topic in the #gto-3000gt-parts category.

More people will find them that way.

No worries , ☺ It's turned a bit cold this week to do any outside gto repairs 😄 Matt

Yo! @DeanMarkTaylor, haven’t got that in mind at the moment, only offered it to Matt as he was looking for one :+1:

Yeah, @matttinsley, the weather is too cold to do anything outside, have a thought for a poor Landscaper :wink:

Terry :sunglasses:

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I know the feeling , I am on a building site , Warming up now , ready for a bit 9f gto repair this weekend Hopfully ?


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