F.A.O. N.I. members - Jap meet 14th Sept

Bit of a get together being organised on RMS in case you haven’t seen it for a feature in Mr2 Only magazine but with all other Jap stuff welcome to show a bit of the scene over here.

Meeting at Sprucefield on the 14th Sept @ 12.30 then on to the Outlet for circa 1.30 I think.

As u know im up for this but will probably go straight to the outlet depends on work if I can get away in time for sprucefield ill go there 1st.

Will have to try n sort out the data logger tho I think it`ll be no use to me in a few weeks if rob gets his finger out but it would be nice to get it working.

Good stuff John, will bring mine with me. Mmmm, wonders what you’re ordering up now…MAFT Pro perhaps…

U still going Sam? The weather doesn`t look to bad for sat/sun and seems to be a fair few interested on RMS.

Am getting a wheel alignment done on fri so will have to clean the car on sat night :frowning:

edit: just seen u’ve added name to RMS list

Yep, am indeed John, here’s hoping for a decent day.

See that, certainly seems to be a big crowd going to it.

Where you getting the wheel alignment done? These guys are ruddy excellent in my opinion, http://www.centraltyreservice.com/ , had it in with them few months back, £35 odd I think it was for full alignment and camber check, all green now and was like a different car afterwards :smiley:

hursts on sydenham rd their lookin 45 but a friend of a friend works there doing it for less :slight_smile:

hi guys I will try and get up a run and is the pcc still on for 21st at Kells agains

Hey William, good stuff, be great if you could make it to this one.

Yep, PCC still on for 21st, show cars for 10(ish :wink: ). Here’s hoping for a dry weekend, have the car in on the Saturday morning before to have the alarm checked over, here’s hoping its not an awl wet dirty morning…