Farewell BBQ

As you may know, I’m moving to Oz.

Well we finally got a buyers for the house and they want in by the end of September, then we’re off to the land of down under.

So this is a farewell BBQ, as I won’t be at any other meets.

I will send out my address in PM’s to those that need it, but for planning reasons I am in Redditch :smiley:

60 guests so far![list=1:611f227114]
*:611f227114]CDMH + Donna + Ciaran
*:611f227114]Lord Snoot + Annette
*:611f227114]Stevie + Tracie
*:611f227114]Boo + Tania
*:611f227114]benjoid + Jennifer
*:611f227114]Webbo + Mrs

C’mon guys

Surely some of you are going to try to get to this ?

Mark has done a lot for this club in the background with his website work and other associated techy know how .

now is the ideal time to repay him for this and wish Mark and his family well on their impending move overseas

Craig :slight_smile:

count me and Trace in,

deffo needs a good send off


Thinking about changing it to the 31st July, so people can stop over in B&B’s etc without worrying about work the next day.


i can make the sunday but not the sat

Sounds like a good invite. :smiley: I can even take part in my two favourite pastimes, eating and giving T’old fella from Sheffield a hard time. :lol: :lol:

Mark. :slight_smile:

Cant do any day that weekend unfortunately. Are you going to JAE? ? If so will have a few beers with you there.

Will be gone before JAE


Going to leave it as Sunday, had a few people tell me they can’t make the Saturday


me and dave will be there mark

Any one else coming? Trying to get a feel for numbers!

I have booked a hog roast now as well :slight_smile:

Will be doing chicken and burgers etc as well.


I have a stag do that weekend. If am in any condition to socialize that afternoon I will try and stagger over. Amy is seeing her sister up north so it will be just me if I can walk. 8)

Hi Mark
As aussies it would only be appropriate we farewell you from here, Jennifer will bring a pav for dessert.

[quote]Hi Mark
As aussies it would only be appropriate we farewell you from here, Jennifer will bring a pav for dessert.

Will be good to see you again before we leave :smiley:

Will PM you my address so you can find us :smiley:

If anyone else needs my address PM me, but I think the rest of you know where I am.


Congrats on finally taking the leap to places down under. It seemed quite a long time coming, but you got it in the end, very well done, and we are totally green with envy.
Sadly, it looks like we’ll be stuffed for getting to your barbie, unfortunately. The Guv and I, needless to say, send you our very best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful future in a land where rules is rules and life is fun.
Thanks also for both your patience and expertise with my technical stuff, putting it all together, getting the photos sorted etc. I am indebted to you.
Please keep in touch if you get time.

All the best fella,


we will come but you better be off and not coming back lol webz

I cannot make the barbecue due to work, but I would thank you for your dedication to the club and the work you have done for the benifit of all the club members over the years, so here’s wishing you both all the very best for your new life downunder, i’m sure you will be visiting us once your settled.


Mark, wish I could make this but unfortunately the Panzerwagen has a leaky radiator and the GTO needs an oil change.

Hope everything goes well, stay in touch.

Cheers :slight_smile:

If anyone left a set of keys at my house PM me :smiley:


craig trying to wife swap again… :twisted: