Favicon Issue

The forum favicon doesn’t appear to be loading on any browser on my mobile device.

Is this for http://www.gto.club or http://forum.gto.club ?

I’ve only really used the forum, I could check the main URL if you like?

The website favicon appears to work, it’s the forum one that’s missing.

I tested it in quite a few mobile browsers - not found any issues.

iPhone - Chrome - both

Android - Firefox - forum.gto.club

Android - Firefox - www.gto.club

Android - Chrome - both

iPhone - Safari - both

When you say mobile device - what are we talking about?
OS version / browser version

Android, using both Firefox and default browser.

Perhaps someone else can chime in if they are not seeing it?

I can’t reproduce the issue.

The only other advice would be the mildly anoying:

  • update apps and OS to latest available
  • clear cache
  • turn off device and back on again