Ferodo Racing DS2500 FCP 765H

Mislead by the f… internet NO suitable for Our cars. Suitable for FTO / EVO 1,2,3,4 according to expert :angry: Cheers

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Yes I got screwed over by Camskill with this as well. These only fit the front wheel drive non turbo US 3000GT’s from what I can tell.

You’re probably best listing on ebay.

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Early Evo’s and Fto also.

Evo 1-2-3-4 and FTO GPX

I couldn’t remember who it was Neil that sold loads of these to unsuspecting GTO owners

Have a laugh Rob :angry: :disappointed:

I have the Ferodo application book at work, i will have a look tomorrow and see if it lists them for the 4WD drive cars Spiros

I am sure it doesnt

But the F…g suppliers out there don’t state that .

Great pads but create loads of dust