Fidanza Flywheel - New

As per the title, on eBay after buying it, intending to get around to it and never having the time lol…

Less than 24hrs left on this. No reserve. Merry Christmas.

These are £399.95 new now !!!

You better start bidding then Rob :wink:

15 mins to go and only £190 , someone going to get a Bargain !!

My xmas present,
My clutch will need changing soon,slips when WOT with the boost on so might as well change the fly wheel at the same time as the clutch.

What clutch are you thinking of getting ??

So a club member sells to a club member through ebay, lols.

I just thought if this is how Al wants to sell it that’s how I should buy it.

As for what clutch to fit, open to suggestions from all, no more power increases planned, just sticking with the EBC as it is an old car now.