Fight Coronavirus with your Computer

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I know this isn’t directly GTO related, but…

Are you sat at home worried about future meets not happening because of the virus?
Don’t despair because you can put you computers to work to fight the virus. :slight_smile:

Join the worlds fastest supercomputer by [email protected]
Sign up and install the software here:

More info here: [email protected] Now More Powerful Than World's Top 7 Supercomputers, Combined | Tom's Hardware

“Propelled by average enthusiasts in their shared quest to defeat COVID-19, the [email protected] network is now pushing out 470 PetaFLOPS of raw compute power. To put that in perspective, that’s twice as fast as Summit, the world’s fastest supercomputer, making the network faster than any known supercomputer. It’s also faster than the top seven supercomputers in the world, combined.”


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Is this skynet

In a way yes - big pharma use computer simulations to screen binding affinity for small drug molecules to target receptors in proteins found in cancers, viruses etc… it is kind of like searching for the right key to a lock out of a mega bunch of keys and the lock may also change form!

After simulations narrow down target drug candidates, fragments of the molecules are screened using fragment based drug discovery and find the most active drug candidate.

All this before any kind of clinical trial - typically it takes 10 - 15 years for a drug to reach patients!



So a waste of time then @James3000GT, don’t want to say anymore as its effin depressing.

Terry :sunglasses:

Not necessarily as by linking computers together can help reduce the computational time and reduce this. As a side note a number of vaccines are in testing but still very early days :+1:

As you say it is all a little depressing at the moment but just got to keep going!


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