Hello again after 20 years of wanting it back I finally have a Blue (not gto) 3000gt back in my ownership and am very excited.
It seems to be in pretty good condition but i dont want it to hit tarmac until its right.
The main issue seems to be its missing the front aero the mechanism is there but no splitter/plastics.
The previous owner removed all undertays and wheel well plastics to clean and protect the wheel wells and tbh i think im missing some bits.
Im going to be undertaking a full service fluid swap etc changing the plugs etc belts everything wheres the best to get this?
Wheres the best place for second hand bits does the group have a breaker in its midst? like with my wifes mr2 forum?
Many questions i know but i am soooooo happy to be back and want it to be right before i drive her (however hard thats going to be)
Thanks and see you soon at a show meet etc :slight_smile: Callum



Good on you, good luck.

Terry :sunglasses:

Congratulations buddy

Welcome back fella. It’s great to see such enthusiasm with your car, well done! As for parts, I usually look around to see if Club owners are parting with anything I might need first, then for more specialised/original stuff I’ll try my nearest Mitsubishi dealer. We also have Rob - Rob at the Evil Empire - on this forum, who can source various parts, including engine and performance parts, as well as give expert advice.
Parts are becoming a little more scarce, but generally if you keep searching, you’ll eventually find what you need.
Good luck with the project Callum,


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