Finally hello


So finally can say hello properly(after managing to post pictures!!) and say thanks for everyone’s help so far!! Here’s my gto of which I brought on a whim then fell completely in love with…had a few things wrong with her and have slowly got her reasonable! Lots of good advice and people willing to help out best 20 quid I spent cheers all image|500x500


looks good,what plans are afoot,are you driving it thru winter?


@fletch_plasterer1 yes will keep driving only goes out on a Sunday really and as it a n/a think I’ll just keep it all stock might replace the spoiler and clear indicators, done disks and pads and new exhaust as one that was fitted was bodged on!! Other than that spray the windscreen wiper arms😂 Cheers


Nice color very rare :grin:


class looking car🖒


Hi looking really real clean car & also lovely holo fog lamp front


Good looking car, love the colour too, these cars mean a lot us, look after that one :+1:


Nice looking motor Stu, hope all goes well and no issues.
The blue looks well against the colour of the wheels, good luck with it.


Thanks @bhorth31 shes all safe in my hand have every intention of improving her and keeping her looking clean and tidy @jerry_SC sounds like I got lucky when I brought her never looked into how demanding these cars are,compared to some of you guys I’ve had to do relatively small things and luckily only cosmetic stuff…I do now however wish I’d got a TT :joy: Still it is what it is and I do enjoy her thanks everyone for a warm welcome…Stu