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Forgive me for i have been a lurker for some time, owned my GTO MR for coming up to 13 years now and finally got round to being a full member!

Its mildly modified, 3000gt turbos, aem fuel pump/regulator, apexi neo 2 afc, greddy pro 2 boost controller, aem wideband and a few other odds and sods running slightly higher boost and fuel pressure (dyno’d at 350bhp) but at the moment im torn if i want to go full blown bigger turbo, stand alone ecu etc or keep it close to oem/reversible.


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Tuning GTO TT to be reliable is not cheap and you need the correct parts too.

The only standalone that allows you to tune them properly is the AEM Infinity, all the other cheap ones are inferior and have issues that why we went with the AEM as it does everything you need but its not for a Enthusiast to tune.

Give me a call if you want to find out more…

Thanks Rob, we’ve spoken a few times over the years but most recently about the ac pulley :slight_smile:
Agreed and if i was it would likely be the unit you suggested. reliability is my aim and if i cant do it properly it aint gonna happen, so far over the years its never missed a beat bar the lower pulley de-laminating itself but all things considered i’d call that a win!
I’ve recently raised a case with tein as one of the rear shocks is leaking after 18months ~3k miles which quite frankly is unacceptable.

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Welcome to the Club :+1:

Hope your issue with the shocks gets sorted.


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Welcome to the club.
Nice car.

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Welcome to this great Club fella. Blimey, she looks in mint condition…well done! That’s a beauty matey.


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Welcome to the club at long last, 13 years eh? That must be a record. Car looks good too.

Terry :sunglasses:

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