First time owner


Hi @kelgre87 sorry can’t make 19th as working the whole weekend but hope to meet sometime :+1::+1::+1:


Not to worries there’s always the 23rd :+1::+1:


Welcome to GTOUK :+1:
Beautiful car :heart:


Thanks @Daveperkins
Some more photos since the indoor Jap show. Had a new radiator and thermostat which seems to have fixed the overheating :crossed_fingers:now on to replacing the clutch :joy: been giving her a good clean until I get round to a respray as the paintwork is shocking


Pretty dope BBS wheels…are they the MR forged ones?


Not a clue to be honest :joy: @3SXteam had to take them off as one is buckled but hoping to get them sorted next week :+1: im running gtr v spec BBS rims at the minute which are looking pretty nice :blush: