First time owner


Hi guys wanted to say hello as I’ve bought my first ever gto on Tuesday so very much a newbie! Will be at the Jap open show on the 19th, unfortunately not with her as she has a couple of issues which need sorting first :frowning:️ but would love to swing by and say hello to you all



Well done @kelgre87 nice picture and welcome to the club. Where abouts are you in the country, for 20 squiddlies you can join and get access to the vast technical section to assist with your issues.

If you have any questions, no matter how daft you think they might be don’t be afraid to ask. The peeps on here are glad to help a fellow GTO’er :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Terry :sunglasses:


Hi and welcome to GTOUK ,

Nice looking motor , hopefully your problems aren’t too serious but either way we will be able to help you out or advise on what’s wrong for you




Thanks @just_cool I’m in Derbyshire, hopefully there’s a few of you round here :blush:
Think it’ll definitely be on the cards in the coming months but fingers crossed there’s not to many issues :joy:


Thank you @CDMH I’m hoping so too. So far everything needed fixing has been an easy repair :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Welcome to GTOUK , some more pictures please !


They’ll be some more tomorrow :joy: absolutely throwing it down here today and the only other pic I have at the minute is 3 mile after we picked it up the AA had to come out and tow us :joy::joy:


Hope they transported it and didn’t just lift up front wheels and tow it


Wasn’t transported but had all 4 wheels on the ground. Should I be worried? @Colin_GTO


Hi and welcome to the club


You can’t lift the front end and tow it as it will screw up the entire drivetrain. Remember these are constant 4 wheel drive.

Terry :sunglasses:


Think th AA may have an insurance claim coming their way!


Front end wasn’t lifted @just_cool should it be ok?


Hi welcome to GTOUK. If all 4 wheels were on the ground, car in neutral etc. Then they should just all roll and it should be fine.



Brill thanks @James3000GT panic over :joy:


Another new owner and what a good colour (biased) hope all goes well sorting her out , make sure become a full member vast knowledge and experience from these madhouse member lol
A great family to belong too !!!
WELCOME GTO OWNER :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Welcome to GTOUK.

Nice motor there, this is exactly how the Newbie Section should be used:-)

Good luck



Not too far from you in Hinckley Leicester.
Jerry :grinning:


Thank you for the warm welcome everyone :blush: should have pictures as soon as she’s on the road on Monday :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: @davesoper64 red is definitely the best colour :wink:
Hope I will see a few of you on the 19th and yes will be going full member as soon as!


Welcome to the club nice looking motor and hope you get any issues sorted easily, good luck.