First West Midlands Meet

Lets see how this goes :wink:

Thursday 14th June @ 7.00pm onwards

The Coach and Horses
Weatheroak Hill
West Midlands
B48 7EA

01564 823386,-1.91308&spn=0.036843,0.080338&z=14

If this goes well I will set another date after, but I am considering middle of month alternating weekday/weekend.

Next dates could be[list:9df8add44d]Sunday 15th July @ 5pm
Thursday 16th August @ 7pm[/list:u:9df8add44d]at same venue unless things change.

I will also be having a few BBQ’s at my place which I will make into a meet :wink:
[list=1:9df8add44d]People Coming*:9df8add44d]t9od*:9df8add44d]CDMH*:9df8add44d]deano7*:9df8add44d]David Mc[/list:o:9df8add44d]Mark

Will try to make this one as it’s on the the weekend 8)

sorry, mark am on nights that day!! it’s a bit hit and miss with me coz i do alternating shifts!!i will come to the one when i am off tho!!!


Do you think we should make the meet earlier for Sundays?

Only issue I have with that is I think we will hit the Sunday lunch crowd, so maybe 3pm or 2pm at a push?


2 or 3pm sounds even better to me.

Will not be able to make the first one as i am working in Ireland, sorry chaps!


So far it just me going then?


I’m sure i will be able to make this as it we be our inaugural first midlands meet :slight_smile:

Come on guys lets get these meets up and running



Count me in :wink:

Sorry can’t make it. I’m on stage that night (amateur dramatics). In fact Thursdays are never very good for me.

I’ll definately be there.


Don’t forget this is tomorrow night guys :wink:


I am sure I went there for food after having to leave my car with Colin (CMS).

Pubs opposite right??? I will be there… 8)

Dean you probably went to the Red lion as that is opposite Collins place



Good turnout tonight 5 cars in total, nice pub too .

Nice to meet some old and new faces .



Pity the steak was so crap, think I will find another venue for next one, as I do like my food :smiley:

Glad everyone that said they would come did, we even had an extra gripo

Hope we get more for the next one, but 5 cars was a good start :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the pictures in my gallery


Well I thought it was good fun. Good company, good banter nice guys. I’ll certainly do as many meets as I can.

All you guys that didn’t make it, try harder next time. It’s worth it just to seehow much Mark can eat !


Cheer guys…my steak was lovely…unlike Marks which was still mooing!! :lol:

Not a bad first meet…rotate the venues to mix it up a bit…

PS take my photo off with my shocking alloys!!! :oops:

How was your drive home Dean? , did it seem sedate :lol:



[quote]How was your drive home Dean? , did it seem sedate :lol:



Just a little…100 horses underpowered I think!!

Althought the alloys were too ■■■■ to go above 65 on the motorway…