Flashable ECU

I have a flashable ecu available.

This was running my gto until I swapped the engine, and it’s now surplus to requirements.
Extremely rare item.
They only fitted these type to last 6 months of production run for Europe.
It currently has a 560cc evo injector map installed, but I can change this back to std easily enough.
This does not come with the loom required to install, however the details are readily available from me, and I can provide details of someone who will make a loom for you if needed.

With this ECU, you have total control over your engine functions, and can alter timing, rpm, injector sizes, anything you like.
Best of all, it will run like standard with no hot idle issues or hot/cold start issues that are common with aftermarket ecus.
Any questions, please ask
I am looking for £400