For sale red mk1 twin turbo


Finally made up my mind to sell this car.
This is just the basics will add more later
Car first registered 30/11/1991
Date of first registration in the uk 15/02/2005
I acquired vehicle 03/05/2006
The owner previous to me only had the car for approx. 1 year and traded the car in to local garage .He had only done 500 miles in one year,later found out he had no insurance on same as I couldn’t insure the car until I installed Thatcham category 1 alarm/immobiliser
When I purchased the car there was only 470000 km approx. on the clock., I had the clocks converted to MPH and the speed limiter (112) disengaged 2. Bought new 18" alloys 3.Stainless steel “y piece”. 3.K&N air filter 4 New Mcgreggor plug leads.
The milage on the car now is 107000 miles (but I estimate that the true milage is around 80000 (trying to get hold of past mot etc to have better idea of true milage,maybe you guys could work it out.
This car has had SORN on it for last 6 years !!! Reason for this combination of detiorating ill health,unable to wortk due to disability .The car was due for timing belt/water pump etc. Also purchased complete set of hydrauiic lifters from Rob,which have been installed .The car has had all parts taken off ready for the installation of timing belt,tensioner/water pump,and that is really the stage it’s at right now.
Will add photos and more information later.
This car really is in good condition solid no spray work,and anyone who knows their GTO views same will soon realise that it’s a genuine car (very Rare)
If you don’t know much about these cars and are interested in it please please get advice and to view same so that you will know true value of this car.
I’m a genuine person and would love to see this car go to someone who knows class and style.
The car is for sale for genuine sensible offers.
E-Mail [email protected]


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Some pictures will certainly help and a price you have in mind


ok will do n Thanks


Hi, how much do you have in mind for it?

Also, where abouts are you?

You can guarantee I’ll look after it


Hi Thanks for your message.
Going to get some photos up for you,I’m in Denbigh North Wales. You really would be hard pushed to find a GTO in this condition. The car can’t be driven away,you will need a trailer.Got most of parts to complete timing belt work on it,although you will need to buy crank shaft pulley,and four tyres.
Who ever buys this car will have many years of pleasure from it as it’s not done a lot of miles in this country. As for price still thinking about that because I know that someone who knows these cars will have it up and running and loking good within a week,and would actually make money just selling it on. So in short will consider any reasonable offer