For sale red uk 97 3000 gt

For sale a red uk Mitsubishi Mk 2 97 3000gt turbo 6 speed 80000m stainless steel exhaust failed the mot on emissions and abs lite now on ? Lovely car to drive usual marks age related nothing that can’t be sorted out active aero rear wheel steering air con wants a refill . Offers over £2000 located Skegness

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That’s a £6000 car MOT’ed

ABS isn’t that hard to sort

And emissions is usually a leak on the exhaust

That is a very very low price for a car of that age and condiotion

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Looks really well it’s worth that scrap!
Seats look good any cracks or stains at all?

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Only you could ask if the seats had stains on @DavePerky :joy::joy::joy:

Terry :sunglasses:


Slight wear where u get in and out gear leaver could do with a new cover

Hey, what’s the corrosion on it like?