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Hi @DeanMarkTaylor

Has the front of the website changed ? when i used to go to the main page i could get straight onto the forum with one click , now it takes me to a dashboard that shows me purchases in the shop and a link to enter the forum ?

Craig :slightly_smiling:

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I get the same thing on my tablet, long process to get to the forum



Just tried it again and it comes up “Account”

Craig :slightly_smiling:

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Yeah, things have been changing … all to to with some added benefits…

You are now automatically logged into the Forum, before you had to click the “LOGIN” button once you got to the fourm…

… and then in a slightly backwards way you couldn’t use Google or Facebook logins if you came from the forum.

Going from the My Account page you should now be automatically logged into the forum AND be able to use Google / Facebook to login…

… assuming you associate those with your GTO UK account or they share the same email address.

There is a whole bunch of stuff I’ve been working on and will be working toward a way of going straight to the forum without the hassle of THAT ONE EXTRA click! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I would raise an eyebrow :eyes: to it too.

Feedback it great!

Hey look somebody noticed something I did…
… oh - not in a good way.

Must stop typing now so much still to do.

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So in english then :laughing:

Is it staying ? i dont think it flows with the forum , we have a cracking front page then you end up on the account page which looks a bit erm naff to be honest (sorry) then you have to get back on the forum

I know you work extremely hard in the background , so dont take it as a dig , just dont think it flows myself

Craig :slightly_smiling:

Totally - there are some things coming up…

Basically planning for a button to appear on the homepage if you are logged in - that will take directly to the forum.

If you are not or your account needs attention the button won’t appear and the other button will take you to “My Account” or to login as needed.

Ahh ok , its a work in progress then lol , you could have said that without blinding me with tech speak :laughing:

Craig :wink:

I changed it for you…
… hopefully it will change again when my plans come together.

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