Frizzels & Liverpool Victoria

Frizzel & Liverpool Victoria

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They will only quote if you are over 30 and are not interested in any mods the car has

I would definately recommend this company to any new owners!!!
£405 fully comp,32yrs old,no points,full ncb.
Cant`be bad!!!
I also got reasonable quotes from AON and ELEPHANT
Jamie 8)

Blimey you are right Limahl, amazing as it sounds they aint interested in mods!
I asked about them and the guy gave me a list of the only mods that alter their insurance… they include NITROUS, BORING OUT OF THE ENGINE, EXCHANGING ENGINE TO INCREASE DISPLACEMENT!! a few other things but nothing as far as Injectors, Fuel mods, boost upgrades, turbo upgrades, etc. As for Alloys & suspension he told me they are not concerned about styling mods. The only stipulation was the cat 1 obviously.

Im 30, full no claims, the car is garaged when not in use, fully comp protected no -claims…bit of a pig Excess at £450 BUT the premium is a VERY healthy…
Unlimited mileage of course!