anyone got a phone number or web addy for frizzels…need to get some cover and thought I`d give them a try…

not to worry…i`ve just found the tel number in someone elses message…ta

What was ya quote with these guys matey??

I had a right result with them on mine… didnt mind the mods either! 8)

cant remember exactly what it was.......or even if I took their offer up(would you believe). Will have a look at the weekend and get back to you. I am paying around £ no claims and unlimited mileage.....but cant think who it is with.

I wouldnt toutch these w@nkers if I were you.

I was with them last year … until they canceled my insurance as they suddenly didnt like the size of the risk they’d taken on with my car.

To$$ers … I can go into the full story if necessary - but just take my word for it.

Cheap quotes …
Cheap service.