Front bumper needed

I have been trying to put a new front bumper on my car with a lot of difficulty, bottom line is it won’t fit, So gonna have to start again. I have found one I like but can only seem to order it from the states does anyone have any ideas if I can get the bumper from any U.K. Dealers ? It’s the duraflex Vader bumper

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Been looking at that one as well :wink:

Never seen that outside of the USA

That would be mega money to ship here and would probably get smashed up getting here

Hence i don’t do glass fibre body work, because its too easy to damage in transit

Sorry guys

And when going over speed bumps :joy:

Not to worry I’ll have a look for something else,

I have a spare mk 2 bumper cover in A26 silver from my SR.

Thanks Jerry I have a standard mk2 bumper already just looking for something a bit different, thanks anyway, might just put the original one back on if I can’t find anything