Front & Rear factory wheel alignment settings



I am sure this must of been covered before but I have searched the forum and several internet search engines but can not find the Factory Wheel Alignment settings for a 1997 Manual GTO NA SR

I am hoping that someone on here can help as my newly fitted tyres are being torn to shreds.

Any help gratefully received

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Give a shout out to the Oracle, I mean @Marty_K, he’ll know :grin:

Terry :sunglasses:


Unfortunately our forum is only open to Newbie sections if non paying member, technical sections are hidden untill full membership.
Thanks Dave


Ooops!! :scream::grin::wink:

Terry :sunglasses:


Beat me to it mr Perkins .

Newbie section is meant for new folks to introduce themselves and get a flavour for the site

It’s well worth joining Marc to get access to the technical sections


Thanks to everybody for pointing that out, was not aware that the information was available.

Apologies to all




The forum is huge buddy goes back to 2003 I’m not saying it’s definitely there but its massive, you won’t believe what opening up to full membership does :+1:
No pressure :joy: Dave