Front Strut Brace (Bonnet wont close)


I have just bought a front strut brace for my Gto
And now the bonnet wont close im sure its fitted correctly!

Any help would be great


Yeah thats normal, some of the webbing needs removing. Put grease or something on the brace and close the bonnet to see which parts touch

What brace you got? I wanted one but am unwilling to alter my bonnet

Webbing on the bonnet?
Yeah its rubbing on the bit by where the bonnet bulges are located

It was some polish branded one haha

Got a rear one as well and that fitted like a treat

Rather than modify bonnet,I bent (modified) strut brace


I have the same strut brace how did you modify yours?

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I ended up reluctantly cutting some of the webbing away from the underside of the bonnet

Possible to see some pics?