FS: Microsoft Surface RT Tablet 32Gb

I have two for sale. Both are brand new, in box, unopened. They are the 32Gb version, and also, additionally, come with the Touch Cover keyboard (also brand new in box, unopened - Cyan colour - a £65 option).

Details here:

Touch Cover:

Can post pictures if necessary, but these are really brand new as described, so there seems little point!

Unfortunately, these were purchased for a project which is no longer a runner. Due to this, the original invoice is not available as it contains sensitive information, but I am more than happy to act as go-between in the event of an issue.

Looking to claw back somewhere in the region of £295 delivered (each!)

We are actually using 6 of these already, and it really is a great little tablet!

Hope everyone is well - it’s been a while, and would be nice to see some old faces at an event sometime!

Off topic Ian . But why not get yourselves to the Xmas bash ?

Good luck with the sale

Craig :slight_smile:

Might well do Craig - Simon offered last year, but work commitments meant I couldn’t.