FTO GR Project

This FTO was imported to the UK in May 2006 by a bloke in Stockport. I bought it off him in Feb 2007.
It has MOT until 28 Aug 2013 and is currently SORN’d. Current mileage is 66851 Kms (speedo still counts in kms).

I painted and waxoyled the chassis and fuel tank as soon as I got it. The underneath was incredibaly clean and rust free.

All FTOs suffer with rusty roof syndrome. It was caused by a particular bonding agent that Mistubishi used to bond the roof support to the roof skin causing the roof metal to rust from the inside to the outside.

When i bought the car I removed all the bonding material and replaced any areas of roof material that were starting to rust.

Not being a welder by trade i didn’t achieve the finish i wanted and I was always disappointed that you could see where i had done the work despite the best efforts of the bodyshop. The roof metal is so thin I found it impossible to weld without getting any distortion.

She’s been off the road on SORN since Aug 2010 and was kept in dry storage at RAF Cottesmore. Sadly the base closed last year and she’s been sitting in my garden for over a year now and it’s not doing her any good. She needs a wash and polish (inside and out), bodywork needs sorting on the roof (it has started to crack and peel where I repaired it), alloys need a good clean too.

FTOs dont seem to fetch very much at all these days and I’m loathed to scrap her if someone fancies a project and can give her a new lease of life with a bit of hard work. Scrap yard have offered me £200, I was hoping for a little more so I’m open to offers. I’d rather see it go to someone on here for peanuts than a scrap yard.


Any more pics of the car?


Hi Saj - is it just general pics or something specific you wantpics of ?

Hi Graham

Just general pics inside and out so I know what im getting myself into if I make an offer.



Sorry been away for a few days on a training course. As soon as this stoopid white cold stuff is gone, I’ll get you some photos.


Now on ebay if anyone’s interested item number 271233208125