Fuel Rail Adaptor Kit offset?

Hi Rob,

Had the guys at sumiyaka try and fit mine, but the offset isn’t quite right. Have you got any more in stock and can I get a replacement. Mark can vouch that the offset isn’t long enough…

Many thanks Dean

I am aware of this problem with a small quantity of the last batch of EK2 Rails. This length problem affected a small number of the rail Jumpers.
I have kept back a couple of others that had the incorrect offset in their length.

Bob at EK2 is going to make replacements for anybody that needs one and these will be with me hopefully in about 2 weeks.

So far only Mark and Russ have experienced the problem to be honest and no one else has mentioned it to me.

However a problem is a problem and I will rectify any faults with products we have sold.

I have sent the last two spare Jumpers to Webbo as he twisted his doing it I up a little bit to tight.

Have you fitted yours Mark?

Call me in the morning on 07891-606913 and I will sort you out a replacement Jumper Rail.

This also applies to anybody who has experianced a problem fitting their Fuel Rail Adaptor bought in the last 2 months

Cheers Rob

Oh so this will be why i had so much hassel trying to get mine to line up :frowning:

Should i take it off :? is it safe :shock:

[quote]Oh so this will be why i had so much hassel trying to get mine to line up :frowning:

Should i take it off :? is it safe :shock:[/quote]

Why did you not mention this on one of our many recent phone calls

Does it leak?

If not leave it on and i will send you a replacement.

Cheers Rob

na it dont leak , but it was very tight to fit :oops: , i had to just bend it a tiny bit to get it to line up

hi rob, i never did it too tight, i will send it back to you pal. mine was really hard to put on in the first place, maybe this is why, im sure i will be able to compare when the new one comes, i bent mine as above to get it to fit in the first place. will let you know when mine arrives.

Hi Niel, i was thinking this when i was out last night.

Sorry mate i thought you said you had over tightened it

Let me know how you get on and i will replace the jumper again if the red one seams to be a problem too

Cheers Rob

cheers mate, i will send you old one back pal. threads are fine on it. were you pissed last night?


Dont drink mate, :cheers: but i never stop thinking about things i need to do to do with the Empire. :shock: :shock:

Anyway us southerners only drink shandy and you have to drink loads to even get merry …

Landline number for you guys to call and stop the Mobile rubbish arrives on Thursday… :bandance:

Cheers Rob

mine was a little tight to fit too Rob, but I soon forced it into place. Doesn’t leak and have had no problems since fitting. Don’t think I could be bothered to do it again. Just thought I’d let you know.