Fuji S2 Pro D-SLR camera kit

Full review here, but basically this is an enthusiasts/pro-level digital camera from around 10 years ago… don’t let this put you off, as the quality of the shots is extremely high - it’s listed as a 6.2 Mp camera, but as the review states, it’s advanced CCD effectively makes this 12 Mp:


The camera is fully boxed with neck strap, USB and TV cables, all software and manuals, and the LCD screen cover. Also includes the Hyper-Utility software, which was expensive at the time (remote control from a laptop basically). There are also a couple of CD’s I got with it which have additional manuals on, which are much better than the Nikon ones.

I also have a few lenses to go with it, and will include both types of battery (with rechargers) that this camera needs.

Lenses are:

18-50mm Sigma lens (complete with lens hood)
50mm Nikkon lens (nifty fifty)
70-300mm Nikon lens (complete with lens hood and 62mm UV filter)

These all autofocus & zoom properly, and are in very good condition. Pictures all available here:

I’m looking for a offer for the whole lot really. Might split if I can sell most of it - I don’t need anything from this lot, as the lenses will not autofocus on my new camera.

Thanks, Ian.

Now on eBay if anyone is interested: