Full member subscription query


how long does it usually take for the membership to be processed after the payment is made? How will I know when it is done? Says the payment is completed but I have no membership number issued yet




Morning. Its saying you are a full member on the post you have just posted. Just under your name.


Yup. Saw that after I posted but there is no membership number against my profile. Maybe just an admin thing??


Hi bill you don’t get a number assigned to your profile :grinning: On the old system @3000gt used to assign you a number . No idea how this works now with the current system though when you sign up electronically . It’s been a good few years since I did the membership .

Craig :grinning:


When I signed up I asked for mine as you don’t automatically receive it. I needed it for insurance company. At the time I think @Tracie helped me out with it.


Thanks peeps. I don’t need a number but I’m sure if it’s an insurance discount issue I will be able to get one. No probs. At least the membership is activated.



Hi Bill, if I remember correctly near at the time for Your membership renewal You’ll get a reminder letter, I think is a number on that letter !


Where’s your ‘full member’ notification Grouch? :grin: :grin: :grin: in jest!!!

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usually if you tell an insurer that you are a GTO UK member this will suffice, however if you need a membership number @3000gt can allocate you one.


Thanks for the response guys, sorted:smiley: