Full set of leather seats


Hi all this is my first post ever on a forum. We have bought a 1992 non turbo automatic 3000gto. I would like hear from anyone breaking as i need a full set of leather seats black if possible and in reasonable condition. Many thanks Tracey


Welcome to GTOUK Tracey You’r a bit unlucky there a couple of weeks ago a good set was up for sale but i’ts gone now, not easy to get a good set. For You’r info, the newbie section is for new members to introduce themselves to be able to bay and sale, for technical info and access to the full forum You have to become a full member. Well worth it big info data in here. https://www.gto.club/shop/ - https://www.gto.club/product/club-full-member-subscription/- https://www.facebook.com/gtoukforum/- https://www.facebook.com/groups/GTOUK/ enjoy GTOUK . Cheers


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Hi Tracey,

Welcome along to the club - get some pictures of your new car up. As the others say join up to full membership it’s well worth it and we have a load of car meets and events throughout the year.



Hi thanks for your reply
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Depending on where you are in the country there is a meet on the 2nd June at Castle Combe near Swindon - we have a stand so feel free to pop and see us.



Thanks everyone for the very warm welcome. Our GTO is a work in progress just bought it and the last owner had a very funny idea of what paint is! And what wheels should look like lol! The interior is crap but we do want to either get the seats recovered or buy a full set of leather ones. When i work out how to post pics i.ll put them on :grin:


Will do our best thanks for the invite :+1:


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Last owner spray painted the alloys! And i dare not post the picture of the spoiler :weary: we have just taken off the ‘go faster stripes’ which were wonky aswell
Got abit of work to do


I have a silver na spoiler if you need one :+1: still looks clean.


Its the correct colour tho :wink: I find just drag and drop the pictures from your files onto your reply box, the site does the rest. No idea of the going price for the seats tho :grin:

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