Funny quotes?

Just did some quotes with Elephant for when i turn 22.

4 yrs NCB, no accidents, clean history, using another car regularly, limited mileage of 5000, fully comp, garaged, immobilizer, unmodified:

Mitsi 3000GT Twin Turbo - £1250
Toyota Supra Twin Turbo - £823!!!

its cheaper to insure me on a tvr griffith 500 than my gto :? :? :?

go figure


LOL!!! i love your stick man avatar, you been playing on that stickman program way to much…sorry to go of topic :smiley:

only took 10 minutes! but yes, spent way too much time playing!!


what program is this?

Mate i do some quotes online and its cheaper for me to be insured on my old mans AMG than a imported 180sx! WHAT A JOKE!

look in the lounge and search for stickman, you will see the link for it, once you get it you will be hooked!!