Furball 5000 Euro Tour 7th July 2007

As most of you are aware six GTO’s from the club joined a Cannonball type rally last summer across Europe called the Speedball Rally. I can honestly say it was a fantastic experience and I’m sure the others would agree. Unfortunately, Speedball is not planning a tour next year so those of you who are waiting for dates and times it isnt going to happen.

There is though another rally running called the Furball 5000. This it has to be said is a beetter run rally with all the hotels, resturants, casinos etc pre booked, you just pay your entry fee and everything else is taken care off for you.

Furball 5000 are running two rallies next year, the first is the Viking Rally. This as the title suggests is through Norway, Sweden and Denmark and is over ten day in late June. The second rally is a re run of last years rally , rerun due to its popularity and is called the Alpine Rally. This is being run to Monte Carlo, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland via the Stelvio pass and Mont Blanc tunnel and back through France over eight days in July. It also includes a visit to both the Lambo and Ferrari factories. This is the run I’m doing and I have already booked up for.

A view of the Stelvio pass, fantastic driving roads


The Furka pass

St Bernards lake

View from the hotel in Monaco

More details and prices can be found here:

PROMO VIDEO: http://www.furball5000.co.uk/videos/alpine2006promo.php


You may have to register plus there is a forum for more discussion.


This is the itinery of the tour. I need to upload the photos which I will do later and update.

Furball 5000
The Alpine Tour 2006 & 2007

Day 1: A Taste of Motorsport History

Carving through the Champagne region we arrive in Reims for lunch at the historic motor sport restaurant. We’ll have plenty of time for photo opportunities at the Grand Prix Ruins.

The ruins of the old pits and grandstand lay on a 2 mile straight that is perfect for high speed runs. It looks great on camera and the noise as the cars fly past on full chat echo’s beautifully off the grandstand, though we obviously frown upon such behaviour.

We then press on via Dijon to our overnight stop at Bourg-en-Bresse, just north of the French Alps.

Day 1: 445 miles

The historic motorsport restaurant sits on what was the
top of the start/finish straight

Day 2: The Route Napoleon

The day begins with a short drive to the city of Grenoble where we pick up the start of the N85 - the legendary Route Napoleon. Widely regarded as one of the world’s finest drivers roads, the Route Napoleon combines wide sweeping ribbons of tarmac with mountainous hairpins and incredible views all along it’s length.

Lunch at Chateau Arnoux will be a great way to catch your breath before the real fun starts! This is where the Route Napoleon gets really interesting. Passing Castellane we head into the Grand Canyon du Verdon and the incredible roads that surround it (recently described as ‘the most demanding road in the world’ by Jeremy Clarkson and ‘God’s own driving road by EVO’).

After our excursion we again pick up the N85 and enjoy the remainder of the epic Route direct into Cannes for a run down the Croisette.

Day 2: 305 miles

Over the millenia the Verdon River has eroded through 700 metres
of limestone to create the spectacular Grand Canyon du Verdon

Day 3: The Johnny Big ■■■■■■■■ Day

You have options here: either lie in and sleep off the excesses of the night before and take a gentle 35 mile cruise to Monaco or get up earlier and take the long route, through possibly the finest roads in the world.

We’d strongly urge everybody to join us as we head back up the Route Napoleon to a lunch stop high in the Alps at the ski resort of Valberg. From there we head east to tackle the monumental Gorges de Daluis and the Gorges de Cians.

We aim to arrive in Monte Carlo for mid-afternoon and gather in the harbour for guided laps of the Grand Prix circuit. Upon checking into The Mirabeau Hotel you will be presented with the Carte d’Or and the privileges which that entitles you to.

Later that evening you will enjoy a meal at Monte Carlo’s finest restaurant, buried high up in the cliffs overlooking the entire Côte d’Azur.

Day 3: 35 / 201 miles

Day 4: The Italian Tunnel Run

One option is to stay on in Monaco, enjoying the privileges of your Carte d’Or (or maybe just sleep in?) before making use of Italy’s swift motorways on your way to Bologna. The second option is to leave in the morning and take in the 100+ tunnels on the way to lunch in Pisa.

After lunch we cross the Alpi Apuane and storm the winding roads that form the test routes for Pagani and Ferrari. We’ll all rendezvous at our hotel in the buzzing city of Bologna. It’s likely to be a long night.

Day 4: 350 miles

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Day 5: Supercar Valley

Luckily for those that partied hard in Bologna, our first stint is a short one to Sant’Agata - home of Lamborghini and their impressive museum. As well as Miuras, Countachs and the incredible Lamborghini marine engines, you are very likely to see new prototypes and development cars as the factory are working hard on new additions to their line up.

Lunch and then onto “The Cavallino,”* - the unofficial Ferrari staff cafeteria and shrine to the prancing pony. After lunch we head to San Cesario and to the facilities of Pagani for a tour of the factory and a gawp at the awesome Zonda F.

The final stint of the day sees us travelling through Verona and Brescia and regrouping at Bormio before tackling the South East face of the famous Passo dello Stelvio. Relax at our mountain-top hotel and enjoy the sunset at over 9,000ft.

Day 5: 285 miles *subject to confirmation

The excellent museum is home to a
wealth of Lamborghini heritage

  Get your mucky fingerprints on the
      Zonda F when we visit Pagani

Day 6: The Swiss Alps

For breakfast we have the North West face of the Passo dello Stelvio. We then carve through beautiful national parkland and into Switzerland. Here we find ourselves in the incredible valley that runs alongside the Vorderrhein River. With majestic scenery, wide sweeping roads and endless visibility these are roads to be savoured.

We will take a well-earned lunch stop at Andermatt to prepare ourselves for the epic Furkapass. We then pass through Brig and back into France before arriving at our hotel in Chamonix, in the shadow of the majestic Mont Blanc (4,807m).

Day 6: 355 miles

The Furkapass in Switzerland. This awesome
mountain pass rises to 2,436m above sea level.

Day 7: The French Alps

We begin day seven by crossing back into Italy via the Tunnel du Mont Blanc and across the Alpine roads towards the spectacular Col du Petit Saint-Bernard. We cross back into France via mile after mile of challenging tarmac and breath-taking views.

We take lunch at Bourg Saint Maurice surrounded by incredible mountains, housing famous ski resorts.

After lunch we skip around Geneva and cross the Jura Mountains into the Bourgogne region of France towards our hotel in Dole.

Day 7: 290 miles

Col de Petit Saint-Bernard - not the straightest road in the world

Day 8: The Seven Valleys

Shunning the Autoroutes we’ll be taking the finest back roads to Reims and another appointment with the very talented kitchen of the motorsport restaurant at the top of the old Grands Prix straight. Of course, those who hit the town hard the night before can always take advantage of the autoroutes and grab a few hours of extra shut-eye.

Then we press on towards the magnificent roads and scenery of the 7 Vallées and our ferry back to blighty.

Day 8: 430 miles

The restaurant at the Grand Prix Ruins in Reims

A few more pics of what you are likely to see next year. Can’y believe there is no interest.


Cost mate, It’s a bit expensive !! :shock:

Claire and I are still hopeing to make it but its not going to be certain if we can until mid Jan probably.

I know spaces are limited but it looks like we wont be able to book anything until then.

It’s the cost, i’d love to do it and so would my mrs, butwe’ve just bought a house and £2k is a lot of money to commit to for most people, especially this time of year.

Looks fantastic though and worth the money. I went to the world cup this year and we drove through Switzerland, Austria and Lichtenstein and the mountains looked stunning, wanted to drive through them ever since then!

I can honestly say this is the best value for money tour out there…

I went last year on the alpine tour and it was superb !! :smiley:

Split it between 2 of you and its about £1000 - £1250 quid each inc petrol.(not sure what the price is this year, but whatever it is its well worth it. (Split the fuel bill too… )

Only the hotels are included and one of the evening meals, but all the hotels were of a pretty good standard and food was generally had at your leisure…

The thing that seperates the Furball from others is the camaraderie.

Again, I’d love to, but that’s a lot of money… Perhaps one day. After all, there are many people who are struggling to make the AGM, and this is in a totally different league!

I have to say that having seen the DVD of last years event it does look well worth it. Its not just a drive around, things like the stay in the south of France looked great.

However as my cars in the garage more than out at the moment with teething troubles I cant rely on it enough and its drained me out of any money I had for the event so am going to pass this year.

The car is being prepared in readyness for this year Furball Tour of Europe. After the bad publicity the Gumball Rally raised and the subsequent Mod ball where 120 Max Power type cars on route to Prauge were escorted back from Germany through Belguim and France, it has been decided that we will not be stickered up as this seems to lead the Police to the conclusion that we are anticipating in a race. There are 25 cars going on this run, mostly TVR’s, Lotus’s, Porsches, Ferraris and the one GTO.

So like last year I will keep a daily log of how the event uncovers. We will be three up in the GTO this year as Wendy and Brendan my son are both coming with me. The good thing about this is once the run starts you get to know the other drivers so I’m sure young Brendan will be jumping from one car to the next so will probably know all the other drivers better than me by the time we get round. :lol:


FB5K are running two Euro rallies this year, the Alpine tour that I’m running on next week plus the Viking tour that is being run at the moment.

In a time of bad publicity caused by the recent Gumball rallies it makes a refreshing change to read (after Norwiegn translation) a glowing report on the FB5K run through Norway. Although I can’t work out the full story, but it goes along the lines of 22 cars leaving Newcastle to tour Scandanavia. Mentions a bit about last years tour and that they have driven 4000 km, and that they have driven through the worlds longest tunnel. No references to other ‘tours’ with similar names, and nothing about speed.

A local journalist interviewed the team yesterday, heres the link…




Good look for next week. Keep it on the road over those alpine passes! Not jealous at all stuck in Dubai driving a Honda City. honest …not all all. LOL!



Just saw this in calendar! Brendan take LOADS of pics. This will be awesome.

ahhhh someday

Drive safe.


Well having spent two days fiddling with the car it is now ready to go.

Steve Kay AA serviced it and fitted new dials, boost controller, ITC etc. Friving it home I could see that it was both running lean and rich. It wouldn’t start and when it did get going it wouldnt stay running. At one point I was leaving it here and taking the Porsche. I had had enough of it. It spends ten months of the year sitting on the drive and when its time for its annual Euro trip it starts playing up. But with a lot of advice from Mark beales and the help of Mark Williams, Mike and Stephan from M&S Motors in Barnet we eventually fouind the problem. Swopped the ECU and replaced the lambo sensor. All now running fine.

Anyhow, just getting ready for a 4am start, I will try and get on line when I can and keep you up to date.

Full daily diary though of events with pics when I return


Best of luck on the trip Brendan and enjoy the drive!

Looking forward to reading all about it.

Mark :slight_smile:

Have a great time mate
I’m jellious :cry:
Mind you i nearly made it


Have a good one Bren keep us informed of your progress

Malc I know you like to keep your engine clean but that plastic will melt before you get to the bottom of your road :wink:


Come on then Brendan
How did the first day go,

Malc :drive:

Had a text of Bren last night he made it to the first destination fine, if I remember correctly I think he said it was 650 miles covered.


I just got a text off him this morning (my time) saying he was now in Bologna in Italy after leaving Monaco this morning! Guess its going well. He was enjoying the convoys at 120. Off to Switzerland tomorrow!!