Gauging interest 450+hp 3000gt for sale


Thinking about selling the 3000gt. Sadly im starting to loose intetest in it once again.

Current mods.
Freshly built heads.
New head gasket with all new seals.
New 19t turbos (covered less than 200 miles).
Aem standalone ecu running speed density with ait and map sensor.
680cc precision turbo injectors
Greddy front mount intercooler.
Tein lowering springs on ecs shocks
Aem digital dash center gauges ( oil pressure, water temp, boost)
Standalone fuse box for gauges and accessories
Wideband controller
Aem serial gauge with switchbox for easy change between gauge data and ecu data
Blitz sbc ID boost controller
Optima yellow top battery
Red and black front leather seats
Polished plenum and cam cover
A/c delete
Hotwored walbro fuel pump
Fuel pressure gauge
Resprayed last year
Timing belt service done 11 months ago. Reused all parts when head gasket was changed.
99 replica spoiler
“HELLA” quad protector pop up lights (cost over £500) one of 2 sets known in uk.
Brand new radiator
Cruise control delete with MR throttle cable
Amber performance, 3 inch downpipe with “I think” blueflame quad exhaust
Stoptech slotted discs running cosworth track master pads.
Braided lines
Momo team 280mm steering wheel
Red magnicore lead with irridium plugs 2 heat ranges colder
old 13g setup was 405hp at 12psi.
New 19t turbos running 19psi perfectly
Been undercoated many times during it’s life. Last time was about 5 years ago, and will need to be done again soon.
I’m sure there is more.

Before the sale I need to do a cv boot as its got a slight rip, replace the throttle position connector plug (on its way to me) and then run it through an mot

Bad points. It’s starting to get some rust under the sill at the rear arch
Gearbox fill plug needs to be welded. As a tempory fix I have jb welded it and has fixed the issue.
Got slight lifter tick
Abs disabled, needs sensor. Light hotwired for mot.

If I think of anything else it has got, or need I’ll post them here.

Looking at around £3500

Try to take some pictures at some point today

New member after advice

Jesus someone will bite your arm off at that price, pop it in the Facebook sales page buddy but increase the price mate, way too low I think.



That’s a bargain for someone.
You would make more by selling the performance parts and return her close to stock and you would still get 3k for her.

Jerry :grinning:


Why couldn’t you of sold it 6 months ago , I would of snatched off you for that :frowning: 5 grand at least mate


Never too late Tom :smile:


Haha! If mine one goes I’ll import a white mr and transfer all my mods to that, then strip it bare! Mrs will hate it but hey! It’s apparently my midlife crisis car :joy:!


Crazy price that is , worth buying just to break with those bits easily pull more money out than that ,


Wish I had the space would’ve snapped it straight away.
Jerry :grinning:


IMO, I would be a good idea to take a break from driving the car until your interest (and the weather) in the 3000GT starts to pick up again.

If you sell it for such a daft price, you won’t find anything that can be as interesting (let alone as fast) for £3k and you would have to spend silly amounts to get back into the game - which many people do when they try other cars and learn they don’t live up to the hype!

Wait until May/June time and then drive it, I seriously doubt you will want to sell it after that.


Just thought id update this post as the PM’s are rolling in.
The plan at the moment is to get it through the mot when i have a bit of time, then to try and drive it about for a while to see if i can get some interest back for it. Maybe the nice weather might indeed change my mind.
only problem is ive been blasting around on bikes for the past few weeks and my interest in my cars is falling. hopefully when the 3000gt is road ready it may put a big fat smile on my face, and will fall in love again…lol.


I have to agree with you motorbikes are more exciting and the adrenaline is immense.
I love them but now I’ve got more sense I think as I’m getting older and cars are just that little bit more safe.
Jerry :grinning:


I don’t ride bikes, but driven and been in quite many cars (modern and old skool), if you find the 3000GT doesn’t compete in thrils vs a fast bike then pretty much 99% of alternative cars out there would feel even more mundane!

But if you gone off cars and just want to ride bikes then fair play as that’s your cup of tea. :+1: