Gauging interest / price, opinions

Hi guys,

Been a while since I’ve been on - mad busy at work these days,

I’m coming to terms with not having the time to keep 3 GTO’s on the road so gauging interest on my silver GTO

Good points -
Starts and runs 1st turn,
Engine was rebuilt in 2020 and Mot’d Nov 22,
Underside is in good condition and has been stored for the past year in my garage,
Auto to manual conversion - was hoping to do full T/T conversion but found a major issue in the T/T engine I have (this is for sale separately) has to put the rebuilt N/A engine back in as I had an extension starting on the house,
Moon roof,
Leather interior,

Other work carried out in 2020 -
Front disks and pads replaced
Front ball joints and drop links replaced,
Gearbox, transfer box and rear diff oil replaced,
Propshaft bearings replaced,

Bad points -
Had to remove the exhaust to use on my blue GTO,
Rear diff noisy - suspect it need replacing with a mk1 T/T rear diff,
Rear drop links need replacing - have these with the car,
Clutch is heavy as it’s a racing clutch,
Paintwork has been keyed hence the stickers,

Obviously want to be as honest as possible and don’t want to break it if I can help it

Pic attached,