GDPR is Effective May 25 2018

We would love to stay in-touch…
As you may be aware the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25th.
We’re taking this opportunity to let you know how we will continue to contact you by email in the future to keep you up to date with our latest news, products & offers.
As we only send emails to customers or to interested parties we will continue to keep you informed under the basis of ‘legitimate business interest’.
As has always been the case:
· The content will be timely & relevant
· We will never sell or share your data for marketing purposes
· You can opt-out at any time
We very much hope you are happy to continue to receive our communications but if for any reason you would rather not you can opt-out now by simply letting a commitee member know

We have also updated the privacy policy

GTO UK Privarcy Policy

The Committee



Tell me about it had to do an online exam for it for work , 80 %pass rate , can’t tell you how many goes I had on my day off , ended up taking 1/2 hour and me smashing my GTOUK cup , not a happy bunny that day

Good job I don’t have anger issues … much


Took me 1 go 40 mins 90% I got and now there saying might have to do it again as the office staff didn’t put them through properly :joy:


Hi, an email address needs to be added in the “Sharing of your personal data for marketing purposes” section.

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