Gearbox and Matching Transfer box needed for MK1 TT

Hi Guys,

I am in desperate need of a gearbox and matching transfer box for a MK1 TT GTO. Looking for a 25 spline

I am located in Aberdeen.


P.S car has been off road for 16 months now and really want to get it going again!

What bits do you need as it may be easier to fix than replace ??

Unfortunately both the gearbox and the transfer box are unfixable. After sending the car to get a new stage 2 clutch installed, the garage (we think) dropped or at least cracked the casing without telling me.

I then drove the car unbeknown that all the oil had escaped. As im sure you can imagine this did not end well…

Anyone? Really need them now.


Have you contacted Graham’s auto world? He brakes GTOs or keep searching eBay for a breaker.


Yeah tried him a week or so ago but no luck. However messaged him last night and he may have one coming so fingers crossed!!

Hi guys quick question ( may sound stupid) but I think after much searching I have found a gearbox!
So here’s the question will the gearbox and transfer from a 3000gt fit my mk1 GTO!


Have you tried Julian first he has a 25 spline gearbox and transfer box, both in very good condition.


Hellfire has pm !!


Hi guys

Unfortunately my previous plans fell through and am once again looking for a 25 spline manual gearbox and transfer box.

Thanks in advance

Seems like selling the stuff, but though a bit pricey…