Gearbox and transfer

Hey guys and gals,

This is more of a “just wondering” sort of post. I have a gearbox and transfer box just sitting in my garage taking up space. Im interested to know the going rate at the moment?

Of course, for someone to tell me a rough guide price they would need to know what box and transfer it is… Hence the next question! How do i tell what i have from looking at the case? I know it is a manual box, but otherwise im clueless!

Any help appreciated :smiley:


I believe an 18 spline is 5 speed and 25 is 6 ? I may be wrong though so someone else can confirm

I’m in need of a gearbox if you get a price sorted

5 speed 18 spline,and 5 speed 25 spline then there is the six speed

Are there differences between the TT and N/A gearbox that i would need to look out for?

There should be a oblong plaque on the casing on the bell housing end

Take a pic and i will tell you exactly what it is

5 Speed W5MG1 Twin Turbo

6 Speed W6MG1 Twin Turbo


If its a good 5 speed for a manual TT they go for peanuts, I’ll give you 25 for both if it is :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Have no idea of the going rate really @IHELLFIREI :grin: Also I think the N/A manual box is different from what I hear, could be wrong tho.

Terry :sunglasses:

So you still have the transfer case for the 5speed GTO? I urgently need one

Sorry this is no longer available as im going to be using this in my project car.

Noted. Thanks for the response