Gearbox crunch

Hi guys just been and looked at a GTO MK1 92 I noticed upon test drive the gearbox when changing gear quickly ie faster than normal it crunches but is fine at a slow pace shift any ideas?

What gear?was the car fully warmed up?
Normally warn syncros tend to happen from 1St to second or second to third if it’s been hard driven and not looked could also have shite gear oil inside too.
Ask what gear oil it’s got and how long been there.for me personally if it doesn’t have a good oil like redline in there or similar.
If it’s syncros it’s expensive fix.
Jerry :grinning:

Was it a wrapped car in red and back :joy:
As above what @gto_power1 has said, all suffer a bit with this if not reconditioned or looked after proper, normally livable once warm.