Gen 2 garnish splitting?

Hey guys.

I have a Gen1 with the original garnish which is badly damaged, i want to replace with a Gen 2, but I was wondering can the middle painted bit be removed for better painting (and I was thinking of CNC engraving it) or is it a masking the lighting area job?

Hi and welcome to GTOUK .

The garnish is easy to remove and the stickers can be removed prior to painting , you can then leave it blank or get custom stickers made up

Let’s see some pictures of the motor :sunglasses: it’s the rules on here putting up a picture of you ride , I did the same many years ago but my misses punched me :joy: I got the wrong ride

Sorry i don’t think i am explaining very well.

i have a Gen1, but because its damaged I want to change it out to a Gen 2, i can get one locally for free however its the wrong colour and i wanted to have a go at “engraving” into the back of it, but I didnt know if the “middle” bit of the garnish thats painted can be removed

as for pictures, well its not pretty right now as the car was a barn find and I am slowly fixing it up so its a bit sorry for itself but running!

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Pretty sure it can be split , but as it’s free why not have a go at it anyway , most likely bonded together so gentle heat in an oven will do it

Thank you for that :slight_smile:

Rear centre garnish off of a mk2.
You can sand down the painted area then polish, as it has the red reflective surface below it.